Friday, April 27, 2007

Dr. Hunter's reply...

Hi Timothy:

Numerically, in the USA, the Salvation Army would not be a "major"denomination, but if they were--the generalization would be valid--bothin the USA and much of the rest of the world. The "Sallys"admittedly do more ministry to outsiders than almost anyone, but their capacity and intentionality in evangelism has slipped enormously. I have led seminars in "Evangelism 101" for Salvation Army officers in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Moldova for this very reason. They are trying to recover the Apostolic priority.

I am grateful you liked my Celtic project.

Power to you,

George Hunter

(My response to him...)

Thank you very much for that sir.

I wanted to get your feedback before I let on that I too am a Sally though I've only been a Sally for about eight years and was raised, ordained and served in the southern baptist church before that. What's interesting is that I left the baptist church and joined the army because I believed it to be a place where we could easily reach lost people based on our social action interests. I find that outsiders find authenticity in that, and don't have much time for churches who are only interested in themselves. But, as you've suggested, a church with a heart for evangelism is not what I found. In fact, I found a church that wanted nothing more than to be like all the other churches with their traditions and Sunday morning meetings. I have stuck with the Army because I believe that were we to ever get back to our mission, we would be an extremely relevant church in this day and age.

(Dr. Hunter's response...)

Hi Timothy:

Your instincts are right on; the Army could be an impresive redemptive force.

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