Monday, August 02, 2010

The battle in the modern day church’s music department isn’t about music. Music is only the symptom of THE problem. The problem lies in the hearts of the people who refuse to be moved: moved by the call to mission. Moved by the call to community. Or simply moved by the Holy Spirit to worship the creator no matter what medium of “worship” is being used; whether music or simply spoken word; shouts of hallelujah, words of thanksgiving, heartfelt words of praise. These are at the heart of worship, lest we forget. Music is only a medium but in many churches, it has become the point. The very thing in which we worship and the only medium by which we are moved. Could it be that in many churches across the world, the musicians need to be asked to have a seat and a true worship leader needs to emerge who can lead a congregation in holy worship that isn’t music centric? To stop trying to patch the symptom and get down to truly performing emergency surgery on THE cancer that is killing so many churches?

Incidentally, when I speak of a refusal to be moved by the call to mission, I speak of those who refuse to allow the style of music to progress, but when I speak of the refusal to be moved by the call to community, I speak of those who insist that the music progress lest they exit the community.