Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My friend Shaun Spencer and I agree on very little. But the following list is the top five things that we do agree on.

The Oklahoma Sooners are the greatest college football team ever known to man.

Shaun cradle robbed when he married his wife Danielle.

It was worth it because she is a babe and it gave him his only chance of not passing the ugly gene onto his offspring (Though his sister is an absolute babe too. Come to think of it, what happened to you Shaun?)

If I weren’t such an undisciplined guitarist, Shaun and I would have surely been the 90’s equivalent of Simon & Garfunkel. No question.

And the number one thing we agree on is that Barry Manilow is one of the most underrated song writers of all time. Yeah, he’s still rocking a Mullet. And yeah, he also wrote Copa Cabana. But the guy is the absolute KING of sad songs. Listen to Trying to Get that Feeling Again and tell me you don’t want to blow your brains out. That’s the true measure of a sad song!

And so I dedicate the song in the right hand column to Shaun Spencer. Yeah, he’s spent a few too many years in the Nazarene church, (Or is it the Presbyterian church? I can never remember. Kind of like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.), and he attempts to look intellectual by quoting Francis Schaeffer and smoking a pipe, but he’s a pretty decent chap. So Shaun, this one’s for you.

A few more life observations.

Why do people with big dogs think that everybody else likes their big dog and doesn’t mind getting slimed and/or jumped on by their big dog? Whenever that happens, all I can think is that I would like to shoot your big dog. I think the world would be a better place without big dogs. And cats. (And before all you cat lovers chime in, go sort out that litter box and cat hair on your couch. Then we can sit down and talk about it.)

How long is the saggy trouser fad going to be with us? Seriously. Most fads last, what, two or three years? This one’s been with us since the early 90’s. That’s fifteen years! C’mon! End already!

The following is a review I recently read on iTunes. U2
“WHY! Why would you spend so much money for something so bad?? All of their songs sound the same! Echoing guitars over and over again. Original of the species?? Howbout original of the crap. Ooo I’m bono and I wear big glasses cus I’m cool!! Vertigo? Vertigo home U2…you fail as a band and at life.”

k.d. lang has a new album out with a great new title. Reintarnation. : ) Nice.

We spent the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a quiet weekend in a quiet apartment. At one point I found myself sitting beside a lamp post, literally watching people walk by. No headphones, no book, just watching. And I realized just how little of my life is silent. I never set aside time for silence. Even now, it’s 1:05 a.m. and a car alarm has been going off outside for well over twenty minutes. Still, it’s easy to blame my lack of silence on the world around me rather than my own commitment at setting aside time for silence. I need to do that more often.

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Blogger bedemike said ... (3:36 AM) : 

The Sooners? Are you kidding? The Buckeyes are king.

Right on about Barry Manilow...or as my brother used to call him, Barely Man-enough. It ticked my sister off, as she was (is?) a card -carrying member of the BMIFC - Barry Manilow International Fan Club. Try the song "Ships" - it'll knock your socks off.


Blogger shaun said ... (3:14 PM) : 

There's little more fulfilling than being the front page of such an influential blog. Although every time my name shows up I am convinced that I'll never be ordained in any self-respecting presbytery (Used to be Nazarene, but thanks for the Mormon comparison...). This whole thing about my sister is really out of control...still, but you're right, my wife is hot and it is one of the mysteries of the universe how I ever pulled that off. Fortunately my baby girl follows in her mom's footsteps and has not been cursed with my less than appealing appearance. Worked out well for your kid too by the way...its a good think Jamie was involved...


Blogger surrendered said ... (3:34 PM) : 

this made me laugh this morning - and a good laugh is what I needed - thanks for the rant.


Blogger Larry said ... (4:25 PM) : 

In response...Buckeyes rock.

And the review on U2....obvious mental deficiencies by the author.

As for the rest, who cares?


Blogger Andi said ... (5:09 PM) : 

I don't know a thing about college, let's skip that one.

I'm glad your friend's wife is hot, that always is helpful to the male ego. But why men can be unkempt and ug while we have to primp is beyond me...a post for my own blog someday.

Barry does rock, U2 does too, and love me, love my cats...if the hair bothers you, wipe it up yourself before you sit. And my dog is little, he'll just gnaw on your ankles. ;)


Blogger Gordon said ... (8:59 PM) : 

Your site just got a thumbs up from Bethan my daughter aged 10!

We've decided that we want the map and flag thing!!


Blogger Bill said ... (6:43 PM) : 

Big 10 and Big 12? What???????

Love for the Pac 10. Huskies rule.

All the rest funny.


Blogger Matt L said ... (11:32 PM) : 

I think it's sweet that you clarified 'Edinburgh...Scotland' - in a totally non-patronising way of course


Blogger Cari said ... (3:19 AM) : 

Boomer Sooner! I have big dogs, but they are pleasant and well behaved girls. But one just had puppies...10. Anyone? I can mail them to you. They're part lab. I could maybe send them walking with with a map. I hate cats. If you think the baggy jeans were bad, how do you feel about the girl jeans phase? Yes, boys in girl's tight jeans. Think Axl and Jon and...uh oh...I just forgot all of their names...but it's nasty. Saddest sad song is...Sad Songs. Or The Song Remembers When. I have a list of driving off a cliff songs. I'm wired tonite.


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