Sunday, April 09, 2006

charting the arts

So on the bottom of my right hand column is an idea that I stole from Phil. It’s through a site called and it automatically keeps a top ten list of the artists (or however you choose to set it up) that you listened to over the past week. The chart is calculated by how many hours you spent listening to each artist, so check it out. How about Dire Straits at number two! : ) Hahaha! That is awesome! Shaun Savage would be proud!

Comments on "charting the arts"


Blogger Bill said ... (7:17 PM) : 

I have gone to the ipod zone. I was for several years against them. I know that you have had a similiar journey when it comes to the ipod. You have some interesting music on that list to say the least. Hope you are well!!


Blogger Sean said ... (10:55 PM) : 

At least U2 made the cut and I saw no evidence of anything too absurd like creed, or michael bolton, or olivia newton john. Mine would probably include toto, who I currnetly can't get enough of, and keith green.


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