Monday, November 28, 2005

all geeked out

If you’ve begun to lose your mind over this whole blogging thing, and you find yourself in front of your computer constantly hitting refresh to see if anybody has commented on your latest post, here is yet another way to feed your addiction.

It’s called Blogshares and it’s like a fictional stock market using blogs as industries. The more traffic a blog has, the more it’s worth on the blogshares market. You can, quite literally, buy shares in your own and your friend’s blogs. In fact, you even start out owning 1000 shares in your own blog.

It’s absolutely ridiculous and something else I didn’t need to know existed.

By the way, my blog's shares are up to $1.37 a share.

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Blogger anniebuck2 said ... (3:27 AM) : 

I'm not sure how I feel about a blog-market. I think I would like it to see how many people visit my site. I've always been tempted to put on of those site visit counters on my site. It's nice to feel "popular". Have you ever heard of facebook? It's like an online year book where you can get to know people from your own school and also keep up with people from high school. I end up feeling popular on it.

Challenge for you: give me 5 reasons why blogger is better than xanga.


Blogger anniebuck2 said ... (10:05 PM) : 

You made some valid points. I will agree that xanga is designed to be appealing to the teen boppers of this world. I like it because I can easily update and I originally got it for the purpose of journaling thoughts and stories. Most of what I write about is for enjoyment but occationally I'll put up thought provoking statements. I do like the more adult/professional look of blogger. I actually like the way commenting works on xanga.

What is the point of the word verification on your site when you make a comment? I'm curious because I don't see how it stops junk comments.


Blogger Michelle Lorraine said ... (10:06 PM) : 

Good challenge, Annie. Tim will have to post his answer to that one. I'll be interested to know- as I am not convinced!


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