Thursday, November 24, 2005

the kid in the middle

The kid in the middle showed up at our club last week and we all instantly took to the guy. He’s a good foot shorter than everybody else his age, a little stocky, and completely hilarious. After a day of hanging out and laughing with him, it didn’t surprise us one bit when he put on that jacket. He’s the only kid I know who could pull it off.

We did a little survey this week and found out that the following countries and languages are represented in our after school clubs:

Countries: Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Sudan, Zambia, England, Barbados, Congo, Mauritius, Albania, Greece, Jamaica, Spain, Cyprus, Vietnam, Somalia, Greek Cypriot, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Poland

Languages: Bengali, French, English, Mauritian, Albanian, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Azeri, Russian, Arabic, Zambian, Swahili, French, Congolese, Vietnamese, Somalian, Urdu, Nigala, Cantonese, and Polish.

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Blogger Ben said ... (2:49 AM) : 

haha thats an awesome jacket!
Your clubs just reflect what seems to be a common london trend.I do reading support in a secondary school, and one of the classes is made up of 31 boys, all of whom are non-white, and 3 have english as their first language. the teachers have to be multi-linguistic to do their jobs. makes thetoken black person system at my old school look even more rediculous than it was.


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