Monday, November 14, 2005

what's in a name?

The following are just some of the names represented in our after school clubs:

Aasimah, Ashfa, Ayesha, Yonis, Favio, Jenifa, Ornela, Abbas, Yildirim, Ho Fai, Eman, Ozan, Asher,Veishnavee, Tra Mi, Saidi, Ulkar, Aashifa, Coung, Eslyn, Haajerah

Imagine looking down at that list for the first time and reading these names. Forget the last names! Sometimes even after we meet the kid and they pronounce their name for us, we can't pronounce it! Veishnavee finally gave up and told us to call her chrishna. : )

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Blogger tarisayl said ... (10:13 PM) : 

I will never again complain about how people pronounce my names...well, I'll try not to anyway.


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