Wednesday, November 09, 2005

top 5 things to rant about…today…

Two weeks ago, a neo-nazi group in Toledo (Ohio) had a march to protest “black gangs who were harassing white residents”. In an attempt to prove that the neo-nazi group was nothing but a bunch of redneck racists who were stereotyping them, black gang members decided to vandalize local vehicles and stores, burn down buildings, and shoot at police. Genius.

A week ago, the PM of France referred to young people, living in a certain area of the city and causing problems, as scum. A few days later a couple of youth from that area were electrocuted when they decided to hide from police in an electrical station. To show that the PM was nothing but a racist out to stereotype an entire community, youths from that community decided to start burning cars and shooting at police. A week later they’re still burning cars, killing old people, and shooting at police. Genius.

Is anybody using their brain here? By the way, that's all one thing...moving on.

Rap music. It would take me days to write down all of my thoughts concerning rap music. Especially right now. Out of the, approximately, 50 billion rappers who are out there with a record deal right now, there are only about four who are any good, and only about three who are doing anything unique and original. But I simply want to take this time to completely condemn those rappers who have no conscience, aren’t giving a thing back to their communities, and who are glorifying the kind of violence and lifestyle that are destroying the lives of young people. There is no way to justify the kind of stuff these guys are rapping about. For every protest song (and there haven’t been many in the past decade) there are thousands of songs simply singing of the joys of gun violence, drugs, and the sexual exploitation of women. A friend of mine says that the difference between judgement and accountability is that judgement goes the final step and actually sentences somebody, something that we as humans don’t have the right to do (spiritually). After seven years of working with inner city youth, and two years of working with kids who’s only knowledge of America revolves around the rap songs they listen to, I’d really like to take a shot at judging guys like 50 Cent and The Game. Not only are these guys regurgitating The Chronic album (and doing an extremely crap job of it) they are leading a generation of young people (who don’t know any better) to believe that gang/gun violence and drug use are something to strive for. Ultimately I don’t truly believe what I’m about to say, but right now, sitting here in Tottenham, these guys are worse than Hitler to me as they’re leading ten times the amount of people to their ultimate demise. They deserve to stand before the world one day and have every last one of us spit on them.

Stubborn/selfish Christians/churches who are only interested in lost people if those lost people are willing to come to them, talk, dress, and act like them, and find a way to be inspired by a god who we’ve made to look completely uninspiring. The world is doomed if this is their only choice! Churches/Christians like this may be doing just as much to lead a world to hell as The Game and 50 Cent. Bring on the nasty comments, but only if you can prove me wrong. I’m tired of winy comments from people who, in the end, spend their comment space griping at me but never actually coming up with any evidence that what I’m saying isn’t true. And by the way, this is on my top 5 list of things to rant about EVERY day!

London’s public transport! Assuming that the “scum” of Paris don’t burn it to the ground first, London could really learn a thing or two from Paris’ public transport. I shutter to think what’s going to happen here, in seven years, when the world converges on London for the Olympics. No space to drive, an underground with 1950’s technology (and also the last time it’s been cleaned), and a bus system that can only be used if you’ve lived here long enough to figure out where in the world the 329 will take you!

People living and working in DHQ’s across America, scoring free tickets to NFL games! I might hate you the most. Drew, this means you.

It’s been a tough day, but as every gay clubber in America will agree, I will survive. I took this photo for a good and gay friend of mine (you know who you are). It appears that they will sell anything here, so you might want to rethink that visit in the Spring!

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Blogger shaun said ... (3:52 PM) : 

you know that feeling when someone has just "blown up" during a conversation at a party, and it gets real quiet for a few minutes, and everyone is trying to figure out what to do so you just cram lil' smokies in your mouth until someone else says something...?...somebody say SOMETHING...the truth is, there isn't much to disagree with you over, rather i affirm your frustration. the present violence being prepretrated in both france and the us is a painful reminder of what an invasion sin is into the created order. (i wonder what the french version of red-neck is?) it drives us not only to question evil and throw around 5$ (or 5 pound...i don't know how to make a pounds symbol for those of you in england) words like theodicy, but also to mourn over the way sin even corupts our ability to think and interact reasonably as creatures. it feels like the only good thing this poo produces is an overwhelming desire for the king to return and restore his kingdom...even so lord come quickly... on only a slightly different note, can someone please tell me what the heck "flowetry" is(sp?)? tim, i think you should rant about people making up words to sound "artsy" that's a real rant!


Blogger blogblogblog said ... (4:56 PM) : 

Let me get this straight. Because I had the good fortune of going to an NFL game for free, I am on a level with:

Hitler (Responsible for at least 6 million murders and hateful wrongheaded thinking that continues to perpetuate intolerance, racism and violence 60 years later)

50 Cent & the Game (Responsible for leading more than 6 million young people worldwide into a life of gangs, gun violence, drug use, mysoginistic views toward women and an irresponsible sex life)

Intolerant Christians (Who are too busy trying to please themselves that they're letting millions of people go to hell in the name of their selfishness: It's all about Me, Jesus.)

A public transit system that is world-renowned and apparently not good enough for Tim Miller.

Wow. That's some bile you've had building up in your belly. Take a TUMS or a Rolaids.


Blogger Gordon said ... (8:35 PM) : 

Tim it's your space that you allow us into by allowing comments - rant your spleen bro!

BTW great banner - you figured it!!


Blogger Taminee said ... (12:57 AM) : 

We all have things we need to rant about. These are definitely good ones. One that hits way close to home is about having the lost come to us and dress/act/be like us. God said "GO ye therefore..." not "If you build it, they will come." Tomorrow might bring some new ones to add to the list. I am finding that voicing an opinion in earshot (or eyeshot) of others starts an avalanche of thinking and thus creates change. Let me give you a new one for thought.
I recently began saving up to buy my daughter her first ever American Girl doll, for her birthday. She recently modeled for a fundraiser in which the Amercian Girl fashions were modeled. Soon after the show ended I got serious about getting the American Girl doll. I went to the site to choose the right doll. They have an affiliation with Girls Inc. which is advertised on their site. They give part of their proceeds to Girls Inc. Girls Inc. prides themselves in letting girls be individuals and helping them be who they want to be. Two of their main ideals of individuality: Homosexuality and Abortion. My daughter is not getting an American Girl doll. I believe toy companies should first of all uphold the fact that kids should be able to live life as innocent kids. Let them be educated on life in general and then deal with the "adult" issues when they are old enough. Hopefully we as parents help them by grounding them in their beliefs of what God has planned in their life and living in a way pleasing to Him. Those ideals shouldn't be pushed on children through their play.


Blogger Isaiah6:8 said ... (8:36 PM) : 

What is that smirk on your face. I love it.



Blogger BrownEyedGirl said ... (2:20 PM) : 

"Stubborn/selfish Christians/churches who are only interested in lost people if those lost people are willing to come to them, talk, dress, and act like them, and find a way to be inspired by a god who we’ve made to look completely uninspiring. The world is doomed if this is their only choice!"
True- can not disagree with you. But it got me thinking....What if God calls you to a group of people just like what you described? How do we reach them? How do we love them? inspire them?


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