Thursday, March 02, 2006

click here...unless you don't love God.

I have so much to write about today, and it’s too late to get into the big stuff, but I thought I’d give you a few excerpts. This morning, I asked God what he wanted me to learn today. Here are a few thoughts.

Today, as I was leaving DHQ, I heard somebody saying…
“Tell her I shall shove that flag up her rear end!”
It made me smile. : ) And still does.

Tonight, in my cell group, the question was asked “what do you often think would make you more happy?”. Myself and another guy answered, “money”. Then a guy in our cell group, who is from Ghana, but who has been studying here for five years and only going home once a year to see his wife and two daughters answered, “having my family here with me.”
Yeah. I suck.

Why are young people expected to attend the Sunday morning sr. adult service to be integrated into the church, but the sr. adults are not expected to attend the Sunday evening youth service to be integrated into the church? The Sunday evening youth service is the only vibrant and growing congregation in that church. Is the Sunday morning gig more church then the Sunday evening one?
More (MUCH more) on this one later.

The Cure are really good.

Rob Bell blows my mind.

Buying an Ipod is selling out. Unfortunately, and after much experimentation, there is a reason for selling out. Ipods really are that much better. Kill me now.

Go here to have your heart ripped out.

Go here and/or here if you’d like to help do something about it.
MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more on this one later!

Charlie Hall’s new album is stellar. I’ve been listening to him since he was in a band with Nathan Nockels (Watermark and producer of all of the Passion albums) and doing my cheesy youth Valentines banquets in Oklahoma, and can tell you that this is, by far, his best album ever. Step aside Chris Tomlin.

Was Ezekiel 23:20 or Isaiah 30:22 really necessary?

Speaking of good songs, the song in the right hand column is by a band called Transmission. You can find out more about them here or here. Phil is a good guy and just won a national (America)song writing competition in which the winner has their song recorded by Rebecca St. James. Btw, is St. James really her last name? If so, she should thank her family. Because that's a really cool last name.

My wife has a really good post on lent right now.

Click here for the greatest blog I've ever read. WARNING, if you're carrying baggage and bitterness do to legalistic Christians, DO NOT CLICK THERE! I can't decide if the guy is seriousl nor not?

I had a few other things, but it’s late and I can no longer remember what they were.

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Blogger Gordon said ... (12:49 PM) : 

what corps does your blog mate go to??


Blogger matt said ... (1:06 PM) : 

You probably already do this but Rob Bell's teaching on Mars Hill website are well worth a download


Blogger Larry said ... (2:29 PM) : 


As for your comment on the worship services, the reason that adults are not required to go to youth worship gatherings is that it is another way to keep younger adults and teens in a ghetto. Something contagious is always easier to contain when we keep it quarantined. Maybe the kids have something the adults don't want to catch, but really should.


Blogger anniebuck2 said ... (1:31 AM) : 

Tim, I'm not sure why those verses are considered necessary and I was left slightly disturbed after reading both of the verses.

I think that adults should participate in youth services. At my family's church, the volunteers that help run the Youth Group are a variety of ages. Including two grandmothers. I realize youth services and the youth group may not be the same thing but it's been neat to watch the ministry these volunteers have with these kids including the grandmothers.

I know that you are a busy man but if you get a chance...can you send me a list of your top 10 movies? Thanks.


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