Friday, July 27, 2007

young modern

“You’re gonna wait too fat boy, fat boy, wait ‘till tomorrow.”

With those words an Australian grunge band, led by a fifteen year old singer, was launched onto the scene back in 1995. The words were from a song called Tomorrow which was one of several singles from their album entitled Frog Stomp. It wasn’t the greatest album of all time, and there were lots of accusations about these guys being a Pearl Jam copy cat band, but for a band of young teenagers, it was an impressive album. That was twelve years ago and the band was called Silverchair.

Since that time they’ve come out with a few more albums, and their lead singer has done a few side projects as well as dealt with depression, anorexia, and debilitating arthritis. Behind the Music called and want their storyline back (though this one takes even the Behind the Music storyline to new heights).

Anyway, I write all of that to say that the song playing to the right is off their new album called Young Modern. It’s a song called Straight Lines, and I like it. Another good single off this album is Waiting All Day. If you’ve got the means, check it out.

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