Friday, January 25, 2008

I need a new name to drop

This is my lovely friend Mel (wearing a very 80’s dress). I’ve had several friends over the years who have made it into the music “biz” and several others who should have had they only given it a real shot (freaking Shaun). Mel is one of those whom I believe has real talent. She’s got a great voice, her writing continues to improve, and she’s not so ugly.

Recently Mel signed up on a site called My Slice which promotes unknown artists. This week she was informed that her tracks had received high enough scores to qualify her for a £15,000 grant to record an album. The only requirement is that she simply has more votes than the other contestants who have also made it in.

With that in mind, if you could take a minute to sign into and vote for Mel, your kindness would be greatly appreciated (and I might get a mention in the liner of her album!) All you have to do is:

Register your email with (or, if you're like me, that email you made up to collect junk email.
Go to the bit along the top that says 'showcases'
Select 'All Genres 2'
Select 'vote'.
Find Mel on the list
Click click click on her!

If there is anything on there that asks you to buy any shares or backstage passes, you don't have to and it will not effect her votes in any way.We’ve only got about three weeks to hype this, so your quick response would be really appreciated (and might get me a mention in the liner notes!) : )


Comments on "I need a new name to drop"


Blogger Larry said ... (6:36 PM) : 


Haven't stopped by for awhile. In fact, I have not even blogged for a couple of weeks. That is a record for me or something.

You have written some heady stuff. The emerging church post a while back was interesting. I think it is for the most part white in nature. Then again, the most segregated hour in our country is 11am on Sunday. I think though that the emergents have decided enough of the homogenious stuff...They are willing to dialogue and explore anything of importance to the church and other things that aren't so important. So I see them reaching across cultural divides and at least trying to make first century gospel living the goal..

Make sense? I will try to get on the website too.


Blogger Mel Wiggins said ... (11:43 PM) : 

Larry, this post is about me. Come on dude, let me have it. I mean, you used the word homogenious. Just get on and homogeniously vote for me!

Tim, I get the feeling you have an alterior motive.

Slice the pie or not, come hell or high water, this album will be made!


Blogger Mel Wiggins said ... (11:45 PM) : 

Oh and thank you for your post. Love you guys mucho. Also, if you feel it might be useful, you could always make up olyvias email address for her now and sign her on to vote too.


Mel x


Blogger Mel Wiggins said ... (11:45 PM) : 

pps. i'm covering 'jolene' by dolly parton at my next gig. thought you'd be proud.


Blogger Larry said ... (12:15 AM) : 


i voted...ok? ;)


Blogger Mel Wiggins said ... (7:15 PM) : 

awww Larry, you're a legend. thank you. forgive my outburst of selfishness. i hope you dont also think you're getting a liner metion??


Blogger Cari said ... (10:27 AM) : 

I'll drop by and vote! We don't know each other, but I would love to hear your stuff. Tim generally has decent taste. Generally. Tim you can drop my name anytime. Someday that'll get you somewhere. I'm about to seriously inquire about a publisher who is into new writers and helping them get their start. Watch for me! I am seriously considering using Chenoweth as a pen name instead of Czajkoski. I wanted a shorter pen name, you know, for book signings and such, but I need a name that will grab attention.

Oh-this is about your friend Mel! I am heading over to vote now! Best of everything to ya!


Blogger Cari said ... (10:38 AM) : 

OK, voted! You are very talented, Mel! Can I drop your name, too?


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