Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a foreskin's lament

by Shalom Auslander

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Blogger eleanorburnejones said ... (9:58 PM) : 

How twisted and sad. This was not my experience of Jewish life!


Blogger Nick Coke said ... (10:23 PM) : 

Hi Tim - great blog! I've been tagged on my blog and you seemed like the kind of guy who might just be interested, so I thought I'd tag you, too. See for what it's all about...


Blogger jsi said ... (11:11 PM) : 



Blogger Trent said ... (2:27 AM) : 

I get it. I really do. What other response is possible when you find yourself in the hands of a sovereign and absolute ruler and then recognize that you don't always get your way?

Of course the journey goes on, just like it did for Job.


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