Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the sunday morning gig

“Is anybody else tired of trying to keep up with the latest worship styles, the latest evangelistic methods, the latest church growth methods, the latest (insert your ecclesiastical infatuation here)? I'm dying to belong to a place without a hidden agenda. Give me a night at a home with some friends and some chips and dip and karaoke any day over a tired drudged out formula Sunday morning. Give me community without the walls of institution.”

“To church or not to church? That is the question. This is something that I have struggled with since I was a teenager. I guess I didn't think about it so much then, but I knew it was difficult. I just got involved and had a lot of friends that were into church stuff. It's only been recently that I have realised that I really struggle to connect with church.”

Two posts, by two separate friends, in less than a month.

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Blogger Nicole_Hostetler said ... (7:32 PM) : 

I agree (is there a gasp heard through the fruited internet plains?). At the training school we had so many classes about what is worship, how do we celebrate and incorporate all worship styles, and the dreaded contemporary/"traditional" battle seemed to beat itself to death. I began searching my own heart and walk about what the heck is worship anyway? Are we to plug in the usual 2 songs (please make sure it balances contemp and tradition), offering, special selection, scripture, and sermon? Is this the special formula for worship (just modify for taste)? I soon understood and practice when preparing our weekly worship services that it's not a formula or trend that will bring us into worship. Some weeks we never sing a song (dare I post this)...the whole service is about coming into God's presence and facilitating worship of Him (not a production for the congregation). Once I came to terms with this and ignored (oops) the good-intentioned advice and voices around, I can feel confident in the time that we spend in corporate worship and not about a trend or style that is written in the best sellers!


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