Sunday, January 01, 2006


I had the privilege of spending New Year’s Eve with one of my favorite people on the planet. I have a friend who is an absolute Bible scholar. He’s one of those guys who knows all the weird stuff about the Bible. In fact, he’s one of those guys who has read all of the books that the writers of the Bible refer to (seriously). This guy has been messing me up for years with obscure stories found in the Bible of possible UFO’s, spiritual beings who came to earth, mated with humans, and created a race of giants (a story that was recently discussed in a documentary on the BBC), and other freakish things. So, while the rest of the party gathered around the tv for video trivia pursuit (kill me), I sat with Rick and listened to stories that would mess me up for the next ten years. An evening well spent.

Jamie and I have about a week and a half left here in the States before we travel back home to London (assuming that our Visas are actually approved and arrive in time, please pray about that). It’s been good seeing family and friends, but it’s also been good to confirm that we’re exactly where God wants us and our hearts are definitely on West Green Road. It will be good to get back.

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