Monday, March 24, 2008

the problem and its solution

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Blogger Larry said ... (8:26 PM) : 

so are you standing?


Blogger Tim said ... (8:38 PM) : 

Brother I'm always standing! You better believe that! In fact, I'll also be in Germany in about a month and I too am going to make it a point to pee standing up! There's nothing more important to me than that.

(seriously, I thought I was a master at taking obscure references and turning them into "spiritual truths" but this guy truly takes the cake!)


Blogger Sean said ... (3:35 PM) : 

Ezekiel 23:20 baby, that guy was awesome. I love KJV only guys, they make the world a more interesting place. I love how he points out that the president probably sits down.

I wonder A. if when I speak, I make crazy generalizations and conjectures like that B. What it feels like to be completely wrong when I thought I was completely right, I think that would be what Hitler felt like. (it's in the Bible) C. If that guy will still be giving the same message 20 years from now when his prostate gets huge.


Blogger WalksInTheWoods said ... (4:21 AM) : 

What exposition!(?) ....
We need to get this guy for a Mens' Camp...... somewhere..?
(other than jersey)


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