Wednesday, August 03, 2005

how firm a foundation

On my top ten list of things I love about the emerging church is its embrace and utter rejection of all things denominational. That’s not entirely true, of course, but I wish it were and who knows, maybe one day it will be.

I was skipping through blogs tonight and stumbled onto the blog of a women (I shouldn’t…but…http://www. who has such a fear of being labelled a charismatic (or charasmatic, as she insisted on spelling it) that she actually posted in her profile that she was not one. Imagine that. Of all the things that could take up your allotted five lines, you decide that it’s of utmost importance for everybody to know that you are NOT a charismatic.

In my desperate desire to cling to the theology of post-millennialism, I look forward to the day when the church realizes that we don’t have to agree on doctrine to worship and serve the Lord by blessing all nations (Genesis 22). That we should be feeding the hungry and clothing the naked in the name of Jesus, not in the name of our local denomination.

Ultimately, doctrine is our best guess, nothing more, and the likelihood of any one of us being entirely right is a million to one.

I'll definitely be posting more on this as it's been on my mind a lot lately.

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Blogger Gordon said ... (12:51 PM) : 

In trawling around the emerging church dialogue - I was interested that there is a growing tribe that would describe themselves post-charismatic!


Blogger Tim said ... (1:01 PM) : 

I've also seen dialogue with that description but have yet to see it defined.


Blogger Roman said ... (7:45 PM) : 

I really like what you said about not having to agree on all doctrine, everytime I questioned something in Church, I was told that Jesus wouldn't like it if he heard me doing that, but that just made me question Christ.


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