Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seriously. Tell the truth. She's the prettiest thing you've ever seen isn't she.

After four days of labour, three trips to the hospital (only to be sent back home), 24 hours in the hospital, more than 40 hours without sleep, and a C-Section, our little one was finally pulled kicking and screaming into London.

Jamie will be spending a few extra days in the hospital, but she is doing very well (all things considered) and so is the baby. I’m on my way there and we’re COMMITTED to deciding on a name today! We’re thinking about calling her “only child”!

Thanks for all your prayers. See you soon.


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Blogger blogblogblog said ... (11:25 AM) : 

Congratulations! She is the prettiest thing ever. You're right. My vote for a name is Oklahoma. Unique, but everyone will know how to spell it.


Blogger Bill said ... (12:41 PM) : 

That is awesome guys. Congratulations, I know that you will be great parents. God has blessed you with this child


Blogger Michelle Lorraine said ... (1:32 PM) : 

How about a nice french name? I hear a popular one is Michelle. Just kidding.

She's adorable. You guys are going to have so much fun!


Blogger surrendered said ... (1:34 PM) : 

She's beautiful, Tim. Congrats to you guys... How about Phyllis for a name? :)


Blogger Gordon said ... (1:44 PM) : 

what no goatee?

Well done 'child with no name' you have good parents!


Blogger Larry said ... (1:52 PM) : 

glad she looks like jamie. congratulations on your child with no name. i am partial to the name gertrude


Blogger tarisayl said ... (5:01 PM) : 

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Blogger tarisayl said ... (5:03 PM) : 

She is beautiful! I agree with the comment about a French name, but I think Yvonne is much better. :-D Congratulations mama and daddy. You done good!


Blogger anniebuck2 said ... (5:59 PM) : 

She's beautiful! I'm sure that whatever name you both decide on will be perfect for her!


Blogger Evangeline said ... (3:28 AM) : 


The sucky thing about internet fellowship is that I could ask for a hold, but it'd cost me a return airfare, a LONG discussion with my husband, and a couple of days, if you said yes... :-)

Congratulations. She's gorgeous. I vote for a good ol' Salvo name... how about Evangeline? She could be General! (Female Salvos hafta be named Evangeline to become General, don't they?)


Blogger Kathryn said ... (7:18 PM) : 

or Catherine...??
She is beautiful.Welcome to the world, little one. Blessings :-)


Blogger Fran Stoops said ... (8:14 PM) : 

what is her name??????


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