Saturday, April 01, 2006

writing about coffee

What’s up with people writing about coffee on their blogs? Every time I turn around, or hit the “next blog” key at the top of a blog, some twenty-year-old is writing about coffee. What’s up with that? It’s like the preppy version of a frat kid. “Dude, I got wasted!” “Dude, I drink coffee now!”

Here’s another topic I’m growing quite cynical of. Community. Why do I get the feeling that, when I read people talking about community, what they’re really talking about is a group of people who are just like them? I’m not suggesting that this is true in all cases, but too often I feel like what they’re actually looking for is a group of Christians, around their same age, and with similar interests. And, while this is certainly a community, it’s not one that’s going to teach us much.

But the thing I’ve grown the most cynical of are the people who wear Make Poverty History bracelets or post the banner on their website, but don’t actually participate in free trade or ethical shopping. I’m not even certain that people are educating themselves in the type of products and companies that participate in free trade or ethical manufacturing. It seems that justice has become fashionable.

Sigh. Cynicism. Some people loathe it, I happen to believe that it’s a useful tool in calling out the discrepancies in society. But then, I’m a bit cynical.

This week I had the strangest thing happen to me. I’m walking down the street and I see a blind man walk out of a shop carrying a guitar. I immediately recognize him as a man whom I’d met on a bus about a year ago. I remember him because I was immediately impressed that he could play the guitar. I am not blind, yet am a mediocre guitar player at best (no comments from either of the Shauns/Seans). So, upon seeing him walking out of this shop, I walk up to him and ask him if he’s crossing the street. He says yes and so I sort of take him by the arm and walk across with him. Halfway across the street I say, “Hi, my name is Tim Miller. You probably don’t remember me, but…” at which point he cuts me off and says, “yeah, from the bus.” !!! What the heck! I’m fascinated by this. Now my wife has given me several reasons for why this guy might remember me. (1) Not a lot of people talk to strangers on the bus. (2) I have an American accent. But still, that’s impressive! I have yet to hear him play the guitar but now I’m on a mission to do so. I want to start some cool band with a cool name. Something along the lines of, “Key of See.” Or maybe that’s an album title.

I close this post by letting you know that I had a bottle of water yesterday at an Asian restaurant. Dude, I drink bottled water!

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Blogger BrownEyedGirl said ... (2:24 AM) : 

I really enjoyed this...If I could write my first reaction it would be a lot of chuckles. I write this as I sip a Latte. :)
Hey, I have a blind friend who can make pancakes without burning them!I've always been impressed with her.


Blogger peter said ... (4:36 AM) : 

I think you are right to be a little cynical. I think many people honestly want to change and to grow into something greater, but get easily sidetracked. Your 'realistic back on track posts' are a good kick in the pants when we have fallen off the wagon. Positive feedback is good. Living in a dreamworld... bad.

So thanks


Blogger Larry said ... (11:45 PM) : 

I was invited to a cynics anonymous meeting. I didn't go because I did not actually believe they were serious about their cynic status.

As to the community comment, do you mean a homogenous group or do you mean like-minded, when you say people are looking for Christians who are just like them? I would think that being like-minded would be long as you have your thinking challenged from time-to-time.


Blogger Tim said ... (12:18 AM) : 

What I mean by "a group of Christians who are just like them" is simply that, while I hear people throwing around the word community, I don't see a lot of them acting on it. They seem to have opportunities for community, but it's not with a group of 20 something year old, white Christians, so they're not even remotely interested. In fact, in some ways they seem to be running from community.


Blogger Bret said ... (3:08 AM) : 

I played (in our band) with a blind piano player. The blind really are amazing. The experience really opened my eyes. His ability to adapt was amazing.


Blogger Mel Reynolds said ... (3:20 PM) : 

I think you're right Tim. I also think that we need to be patient with people as God continues to soften their hearts on understanding community. We're not all as wise as you ;)


Blogger Pete said ... (3:22 AM) : 

Hmm.. I think "community" is all a jumble for me in my present season of life. My work place is almost 55 miles from where I live and worship, which makes for a long commute (technically a "power commute" as the lingo goes) and a general state of never really being home long enough to devote a whole lot of time to "community" outside of family time.

This bothers me in a number of ways. It's hard to stretch out a hand and say (to the majority of non-power commuters at work) "hey, why don't you come by the house [church, event, etc]," when "coming by" means over an hour drive.

However, I can't even count how many times I've helped out people at work with a move or project or whatever. I suppose that counts as "community" away from my community, but it feels kind of lackluster sometimes.

Sunday we engaged in good old-fashioned "LOM" (League of Mercy, or just "visitation" for those who don't need a bizarre SA metaphor attached to it). I don't know if this counts as "community", maybe "community service" but I think it's great. Faces light up, people make requests, tears are shed - I'll take it!

I'm making moves to change this situation, and I feel God leading in this, so I hope and pray it's in His Will for us, but at the moment community feels kind of elusive, again.. maybe just a "season".

Regarding coffee - no joke, made that discovery as a junior in high school, alla 1992 - what's the big deal? I plan to start kidney dialysis in a few weeks.


Blogger Cari said ... (8:50 PM) : 

I like coffee. I like Dr Pepper. I would write about being a coffee snob before being a DP purist. I like coffee a lot. I don't like Starbucks. Ask them to make something special...their eyes get big and they freak out. "MUST...NOT...DEVIATE...FROM...THE...CARD..." Anyway, great driving video. White knuckles and all.


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